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What is brain training

Many have heard about “brain training”, but it’s still a fairly new concept to most people. Therefore, they often ask me how they could get started. What are the first concrete steps to be taken towards a better functioning brain?

The key is to develop new skills that gradually become habits. Therefore, the steps are

Personal Brainer Reidar Wasenius

1. Get some basic information on how our brains work and what is going on in our minds.

2. Based on that information, start learning new methods, such as focusing techniques, memory techniques or motivational techniques.

3. Learn to use the methods in suitable situations your daily life.

4. Help the methods to become daily habits.

What really matters in self-development is not just to know “what is good for you” in theory, but to actually acquire new SKILLS to cope with daily life. As you practice your new skills, it’s crucial to do so not just at the BRIIM Center or some other location isolated from daily life, but to implement them in real-life situations. Thereby, two things are happening: You are becoming more skillful and you are learning to implement the skills as routines in the everyday situations where you need them.

Habits are the highest form of skills. When you are effortlessly implementing a new skill like walking, talking, reading, biking or driving a car, that’s when you really “have the skill”. When you are effortlessly implementing the skill whenever needed throughout the course of a day, that’s when you have truly evolved. We are the sum of our habits.

More than anything else, ”brain training” is about repeatedly going through the steps of very concrete exercises to make them part of your mind. There are two complementary ways to see this:

The more new mental skills your mind contains, the more skillfully you are using your brain.

The more new mental skills your mind consists of, the more evolved your mind is.

So, what exactly are the mental skills that we all need? More about that in my next blog posting…


10.8.2014 in Torbacka, Degerby, Ingå, Finland